Tuesday, 26 July 2011

With decisions you design your life!

This is my Husbands mantra, with decisions you design your life.  It is so true.  This week I am on operation flat stomach.  I was weighed last week at the Doctors and I am about half stone heavier than I should be.  We all know what to eat or not to as the case may be.  It is so difficult when nice food is put in front of your face.  I have my determined head on, I will not deviate from my diet. 

I am doing slimming world which I find easy to do as it is a low fat balanced diet.  I watched a programme that said your brain wants you to eat the foods with the most calories in.  I am going to blame my brain and my human instinct for lard. 

I am cylcing into work this week (16 Mile) round trip and running.  It is working I think I have lost 4lbs, but you have got to be resilient and resist temptation!  When I see something yummy I repeat to myself, "Nothing tastes better than being thin,".  Wish me good luck!

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