Friday, 18 February 2011

10 Things tips to make you slimmer

It made me feel really sad to see the news in the week that the UK is the fattest country in Europe.  I think the problem with diets is they are too radical.  You can sustain them for a short while and starve yourself.  In the long-term it only takes minor changes to make a huge difference, but be patient, you will see the results in 6-8 weeks, not over night!

Here I have noted a few tips that over 6-8 weeks make a difference:-

1) Cut out junk food in the week, no biscuits, crisps or high fat foods.
2) For one day, have a day off and eat whatever you like (remember the 80%, 20% rule).
3) Eat normally in the week, 3 meals a day, but no snacking unless it is fruit or veg.
4) If you do want a snack, eat something like Ryvita with a low fat cream cheese.
5) If you eat cereal in the morning cut out ones with high sugar contents, study the packet side, most of them are full of sugar.
6) Instead of eating a lot of bread opt for low fat wraps at lunchtime.
7) At tea time eat meat and two veg, including carbs, ie potatoe or pasta.
8) Where possible walk or cycle, ditch the car.
9) Get your running shoes on, if you feel so inclined, or do some speed walking for 30 minutes, a couple of times per week. (There are lots of websites out there to help you get started).
10) When you buy your normal food always opt for the lighter or low fat option.

A friend of mine started cycling to work when the weather is good and she has lost 2 stone without dieting.  I know it is not always possible depending on where you work and if you have little ones to drop off and then have to get to work.  I think that is where the majority of us go wrong, by trying to change too much too quickly.  You have to think of it as a way of life for the future and not a short term fix.

Now I am not a dietician or a Doctor, so please do not sue me for my tips.  They are simple tips that I have found work.  It would be a sad life if you can not indulge yourself at least once a week.  I personally do not drink alcohol unless I am going out with the girls or friends which is not very often.  Booze is packed full of calories, if you drink moderate it to one night on the weekend.  You can break habits but you have to go cold turkey.  It took me 10 days to break my sugar addiction and I had to be strong to not reach for the biscuit barrel.  I do think because the UK is colder than other countries it does not help our plight.  I am sure when it is cold we have a natural instinct to eat more.  Lets face it no-one fancies a salad on a cold day.  I stopped eating chocolate or biscuits in the week and I feel so much better for it and my stomach is flatter.

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  1. Great blog entry! I am highly interested when it comes to nutrition and what you put in your body. I was following the low GL way of eating for a while which worked best for me. I liked the idea that you can basically eat everything, but stay away from processed foods- anything that your body isn't able to digest naturally, or takes a super long time, or gives you a 'sugar rush', isn't good. Slow, steady and consistent, is a better and healthier way for food intake and you're never hungry. I wasn't counting calories which is great as it meant I was eating things like peanut butter and olives, which I LOVE. The more I ate that way, the more pounds I shed, and the more energy I felt to exercise, and just be able to keep up with my toddler. Highly recommend it to anyone looking not only to lose weight, but to gain energy and just feel good about themselves - and it does wonders for your skin!