Saturday, 12 February 2011

Karma - Straight back at you!

I had a really good start to my day on Friday.  In my last blog I told you about that idiot in bald bloke in a BMW who was reversing down the road at ruch hour in front of a junction, just to say hello to his friend!  Well, on Friday I was driving to drop off my Daughter at school and I turned around the corner to see the guy who was driving like an idiot at the side of the road with his hands in dispair on the top of his head!

Oh yes, he had smacked his beloved BMW into another car.  The person driving the other car is another Mum at the school.  The front of his car was crumpled up like a crisp packet, where as the other car had not a mark on it.  I think it was a SAAB with a really high bumper.  I could not believe it, it has restored my faith in the universe.

When I saw the Mum whose car had a few small scratches on it, she was understandably a bit shaken, and she said she slowed down to let someone out he was driving practically on her bumper and hit her.  She said he was swearing his head off, she went to his house to get his details as he lives with Mummy and Daddy still.  It is evident to me that he has obviously been driving like a complete idiot for some time.  I am sure his car is either a right off or will cost him an astriconomical amount of money to fix.  Not to mention how much his car insurance will go up.  I wonder whether he will even be able to afford the repair bill and may have to buy a lesser car!  I hope this has taught him a lesson and that in the future he will take a more sensible approach to driving.

One thing that annoys me about driving is how rude people are, they take on a completely different persona and forget any common decency.  It is almost like their car is their armour in a battle.  I always drive with courtesy.  I would never be led by my ego, shoving other drivers out of my way to get 2 minutes ahead.  On my way home from work there is a long dual carriage way with traffic lights at the bottom.  There has been countless times I have been driven into the slow lane as some idiot has sped up behind me and been aggressively flashing me, even though I am driving the speed limit of 70 mph.  I then arrive at the traffic lights and there they are in the next lane to me, was it worth it.  If I am in a cheeky mood I either wave at them or blow them an air kiss!  Some drivers seem to forget that there is another human being behind the wheel.

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