Wednesday, 9 February 2011

BMW Drivers - Bald Men Watchout

I must say that more often than not when there is someone driving badly, it is almost always in my experience some little bald man in a BMW, who thinks he is God's gift behind the wheel! 

The other day I was getting off my drive which is on a busy main road.  When I saw this BMW driver reversing down the road to say hello to someone!  This guy was reversing down a busy road right before a junction.  I could not believe his stupidity, just because he wanted to say hello to his mate!

I am not sure what goes on in these people's heads when they purchase these cars.  I think there must be some small print that they sign to say they must act like they are king of the road, drive like an idiot and get anyone else out of their way who is not driving a BMW!

Every time when I am on the motorway if I am in the fast lane, I look in my rear view mirror and there is nothing there.  Then low and behold 2 seconds later there is a BMW 2 cm off my bumper, flashing me to get out the way, because of course I am driving a humble bog standard car.

I personally don't get all this car snobbery and I don't buy into it.  Cars are a waste of money, you buy them at an exorbitant price and then a year later they are worth less than a third of the value.  Not the most astute return on investment.  I could not care less what car I drive.  To me cars are a luxury and it is fine to have a nice one as long as you don't over stretch yourself.  I choose to spend my money in other ways, as when I step out of my car I make sure I look fabulous.  Please do not be so shallow to judge me by the car I drive.  Where as these bald men still look like bald men when they step out of their cars!  Ewe harsh but true!

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