Tuesday, 22 November 2011

X Factor - boredom factor!

I am finding this year's X Factor simply boring.  I like the new judges line up, but I look at the acts left and I don't see anyone who is a world wide star.  In all essence it is not a singing competiton it is an entertainment programme.  Look at the previous contestant debris, last year's winner Matt Cardle has just released his new single and album.  I suspect if I look on itunes now it is not even in the top 100.  He sang his new song on the show that was written by Gary Barlow and it was rubbish, he could not even make it sound good.  Nevermind, at least he has his paint and deocrating skills to fall back on.

What I don't understand is who votes for these people.  The phone lines are really expensive, so who is voting?  I think whoever is voting is not the same people that buy the music.  I have started to feel sorry for the contestants as the majority of them are being set up for failure. 

I prefer watching the results show on Sundays.  However, I must say when the world class acts come on the stage you can see why they are in the position of world domination.  It makes the contestants look like glorified karoke singers.  I am not sure about the longjevity of how long it can go on. 

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  1. " I am not sure about the longjevity of how long it can go on. "
    It's already gone on for far too long, I reckon. I've only ever watched it once (trapped in my sister's house last year) and I found it dull, dull, dull. And why do the audience have to scream so?
    As you can see, I'm not a fan.