Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New carpets...lovely!

Tomorrow I am getting new carpets in my house.  I am ridiculously excited about this.  I have lived in my house for 2 and a bit years.  In my lounge I have a red and yellow mexican style large rug in the middle that does not go with anything.  It is covering up the distgustingly stained carpet that I think used to be some sort of muted biege.  Where we have taken out the old ceramic fireplace there is a gap in the carpet which shows some lovely black floor boards!  Great for spiders or other horrible insects to crawl up in the Winter.  Best of all underneath one of the sofas is a piece of carpet over the bare floor boards.  The reason there is a large section cut out of the carpet is because the last resident in the house (Mike - God rest his soul) died on it!

We thought it was strange when we looked around the house and the Estate Agent was vague about the last occupant.  After we moved in our neighbours told us that he died from a brian hemorrage in the lounge.  Everything then made sense, bare bit of floor boards in the lounge where the guys who do the cleaning must have taken it out.  The door that looked like it had been mended after a forced entry.  We thought it had possibly been burgled before.  The poor fellow lived on his own, he was only in his thrities and he had ear ache for a year.  The Doctor kept giving him antibiotics!  My friends think it is hillarious that the carpet has not been changed yet.  Everything has to happen in it's own good time.  First we had to decorate then we decided to have an extension, neither very condusive to having new carpets.  I hate horrible carpets, but alas they are the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

My poor house had been neglected for years.  I feel that we have bought it back to where it should be.  It has given me so much pleasure reinvigourating it's proud soul.  Still more to do though!  When the new carpets are in tomorrow I will roll around on them.  The house will feel like it is truly ours, we have definitely put our stamp on it. 


  1. What a sad history the old carpet has. I completely understand how you will feel with a lovely new carpet in there and why you are so pleased about it. Enjoy.

  2. Me and the missus had a roll around on our new carpet. I don't think that's what you meant though!

    I love the smell of a new carpet. Unfortunately, with two kids it doesn't smell that way for long.