Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Winter Blues........

This week I am suffering from the Winter Blues.  On Monday and Tuesday I was not feeling my normal bouncy self, and nor was anyone else at work.  Is there some kind of weird equinox thing going on?  The weather has been particularly dull, grey, cold, damp and wet. 

The clocks changed last weekend and we gained an hour for one day.  I did not realise until 4 pm Summer time in the afternoon the clocks had changed.  I was deliberating the usual of can I be bothered to go out for a run.  I switched on the TV and then reaised with the Sky TV menu the time was 3 pm, instead.  I knew I had to go out as I had an entire hour spare. 

I need some sunshine.  I don't mind it if it is cold but at least give us a bit of sunshine to go with it.  On speaking to my friends they were all feeling a little bit miserable as well.  Winter fashion I find boring, grey jumper, black jumper, leggings, and boots.  All you want to do is eat mash potatoes and drink hot drinks. 

I hope by the next time I blog I am over the Winter blues and a bit of sunshine has appeared.  Only 46 days to least when we get into January the nights start getting lighter again.

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