Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tipped over the edge!

I am now fatigued by having an extension.  It is like the last few miles of a journey, you can see the end but still have a way to go.  It is all starting to come together nicely, okay so we are in a mess most of the time but it I can cope with it........until my fridge freezer broke!  Why is it that theses things happen at the most inconvenient time.  We have had our fridge freezer for 10 years and moved it a few times.  The little capability I had for preparing food is now gone and it has sent me over the edge.  It is really annoying, why now?  The plasterers are coming in next week, no point in buying a new one has it will get filthy.  Also, we are bit strapped for cash with the expenditure of the extension, bloody great.

My Mother-in-law has got a fridge in her garage and is going to test it to see if it still works, may be next week I might be able to keep things cool again.  In the middle of the week I was really irritated by the whole fridge freezer thing.  Everything, that was in it was going mouldy quickly.  Cheese is going off in it quickly.  The freezer defrosted itself and I had to bin it all.  Therefore, microwaveable meals are out the window.  I rang up a chirpy refridgeration engineer, who said his call out charge is £30 for half an hour plus parts.  It is not worth getting him out I would rather buy a second hand fridge.  If it is not a quick fix I would end up paying more than a second hand fridge.  When I get my all singing and dancing new one I can shove it in the garage and it would be great for barbeques.

I hope to have something sorted by the end of this week.  In the meantime I am calling on favours from friends for feeding the kids and eating out.

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  1. thanks for commenting on my blog, will follow yours as soon as my laptop will allow!
    think we have some stuff in common as i also am a HR Adviser writing a book
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