Thursday, 7 April 2011

Get your flip flops out!

This week (apart from Wednesday but we won't mention that) the weather has been fantastic.  I am seizing the day as you never know how long it will last.  This week I got my Summer Wardrobe down from the loft.  It is funny as I had not seen it for 6 months it was delightful to see my dresses.  I am a total Summer babe.  I love it, the dresses, the shorts, the sunglasses, not having to bother with a coat.  I even purchased a cheeky pair of shorts to celebrate...not cheeky as in bum cheek, I am too old for that. 

I will have to start my Summer rituals of painting my toe nails, shaving my legs and slapping the fake tan on.  I have worked hard on getting my Summer wardrobe just right. 

You know when you are an old fart when you delight in putting your washing out to dry on the line!  I love it when you can wash your sheets put them on the line and put them back on before you go to bed.  I know sad but true!  I can't imagine twenty somethings getting a kick out of doing that.  One thing I don't understand is I have neighbours who put their washing out when it is cold!  What is the point in that, surely they will have to dry it when they go and fetch it back in again????  There must be an optimum temperature for getting your washing dry outside.  Now I think it must about the 15 degree number, obviously depending on if it is windy as well.  If anyone is a sad old fart like me and has any idea's on the optimum temperature do let me know!

I now have to go and get my washing in!  I hope it is dry?

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  1. Haha. Haven't used the tumble dryer yesterday, for the first day in... months? I reckon somewhere above 20 degrees C is a good temperature to leave it out to dry. You don't want your sheets to be damp and clammy and start smelling, yuck!