Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or Treat......treat please....

Treat please, a nice Mulberry handbag will do!

I have got some sweets ready for trick or treaters tonight, part of me wants to hide at the back of the house.  You hear some horrible stories about trick or treating.  My Husband told me on the radio there was a lady who bought sweets, but towards the end of the evening last year had run out.  A group of youngsters came around who were too old to be trick or treating, she apologised and told them she had ran out of sweets.  They returned later on that night and threw eggs at her house.  That is taking it too far. 

That is the reason I want to hide in the loft with my ipad in case there is a group of youngsters who are out to cause trouble and not for fun.  I can understand why the elderly are fretful today.  It does feel intrusive and intimidating when a gang of teenagers knocks on your door with masks on.  I find it intimidating at my age.

I will try to get into the spirit of it with my sweets......pun pun.!

Confusinginly enough the clocks changed last night, it takes me at least a week to adjust.

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