Wednesday, 27 October 2010

shop-a-holic who moi?

I love to shop, I am terrible for buying new clothes and yes you guessed it, I still don’t have anything to wear and much to the dismay of my Husband my wardrobe is bulging at the seams. He has a couple of suits in the double wardrobe an the rest is all mine, he has to keep his clothes in tubs under the bed. I alternate my Summer and Winter wardrobe in the loft. I buy lots in the Summer, I love shorts, and playsuits even in the Winter I am thinking thick tights with shorts. I am not sure if a Woman my age can get away with it, but I am past caring. I have put myself on a self-imposed credit crunch shopping ban. The only way I can stop myself spending money is by not going anywhere near any shops.

I buy the magazines and every week I look at up and coming trends and in my head I am choosing my next purchases. I am definitely feeling the pinch at the moment, petrol and food has gone up and lets face it none of our salaries over the past 3 years are matching it. I have developed a habit of vicariously shopping through other people, with a limited time for shopping with Children, I have to target my efforts. Young Children and shopping is not a good match. Anyone wearing anything I like, I ask them how much and where they got it. I even ask random strangers in the Street. You just can’t keep a good Woman shopper down!

I am now thinking out each purchase carefully, do I already have a black pair of jeans, if the answer is yes, why do I need another pair? I think all of us intelligent ladies have realised that Primark is the new Prada. I view myself as Mrs Average on the clothes front, I wear something to death for a few months and then I am bored and want something new. I do have classic items in my wardrobe, such as Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker shirts and tops that are great for work. I always buy my labels from outlet stores and bide my time, if I want something, I am like a vulture waiting to pounce, I check how many sizes are there and monitor their sales, if they are not selling well I wait until sale time. I always ask the shop assistants when the next sales start. I love a bargain. If something is not a timeless classic then it has to be cheap.

With my credit crunch head on I am going to use my current jumpers in my wardrobe and accessorize with woolly tights and junk jewellery. I must say thank you to Gok Wan for helping me transform outfits with accessorizes. I always wear a scarf, it totally jazzes up a plain black or grey jumper. I am now trying to grips with belts, not quite there yet, but I keep trying.

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