Wednesday, 20 October 2010

House work, someone could have told me!

I never realised until I had two Children how much house work you have to do.  I work part-time and do 21 hours per week.  I have to pick up after four people, every day, myself, my Husband, and then my Children.  It is most certainly a one woman show.  If I try to get the Children to pick up after themselves they complain and whinge incessantly, not that it stops me. I have to emotionally blackmail them into doing it and shout a lot.  Then there is a lack lustre attempt at doing the task they are duly charged with.  If I ask my Husband to do something I get a bemused look and, I have to ask at least ten times and then I am a nag!

I have trained myself to be more tidy, every time I change my clothes, I either put them away or in the wash bin.  I have realised you have to complete an entire action, i.e., clean washing upstairs, put it away, do not leave on the bed, as I will only keep passing it and think I must put that away.  It makes two tasks out of one.  Now, I am trying to train my Children to do the same, not an easy task.  It takes hours to tidy up my Daughter’s bedroom, putting all those annoying small pieces of games away and clothes.  It makes using the vacuum cleaner a mammoth task. 

I go around to other people’s houses who have children and their homes look like Museums, not a thing out of place, neat and tidy.  I have absolutely no idea how they achieve such high standards.  When I am at home I am constantly doing something, the washing pile is a constant daily battle.  I love being a Mum, but no one told me how much cleaning up was involved and I find it monotonous, boring and no-one says thank you!

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