Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Katie Pratt - Rest in Peace

I have just read some really sad news.  A Mother of Two, Katie Pratt lost her battle with skin Cancer.  From her photographs from her blog she was a beautiful lady.  Having gone through Cancer myself I know part of her journey.  It is really difficult to go through any sort of illness with small Children.

Cancer can be a devastating illness, and anyone who has had it, will understand you have to find your own way through it and formulate your own answers.  That is the difficult part about Cancer, the fact that no-one can tell you why it happens.  It is a journey and you drag all of your loved ones and friends with you whether they like it or not. 

I have now discovered my love of writing that I never had before.  I am loving writing my blog and my novel.  I live in the now and rejoice every single day, as none of us really know what will happen tomorrow or next week.  That does not mean that I fear it, I take every opportunity to enjoy my life and do as I please.

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