Monday, 5 December 2011

Supermarkets you have been found out!

I was really pleased today that supermarket pricing has been looked into.  I blogged about it ages ago, and how frustrated I was with them trying to blindside us.  We are all not stupid.  I was in one of the aforementioned the other day, and there was a branded tin of biscuits that was now the bargain price of £5.00 instead of £9.90.  Who do they think they are kidding they were never £9.90 in the first place. 

They are ceasing on the fact that everyone loves a bargain.  It is truly missleading and not only on biscuits.  Many a time I have seen dishwasher tablets that were £9.00 marked down to the bargain price of £5.00.  These supermarkets have got too big for their boots and need a large dose of honesty.  I look forward to reading their report.  We are constantly bombarded with advertisements of price watch this and that.  One of them offers you can go home and do a price checker and if it is cheaper they give you the difference, who can be bothered to do that?  Just price your products right in the first place.

Another supermarket always gives you silly little pieces of paper with offers on.  I always lose them or forget about them.  Why don't they put their offers straight onto the clubcard and if you met the criteria you get the deal and if not it expires.  Really a quite simple idea and with all the technology around today very easy to do and better for the environment.

Supermarkets have become giant marketing machines, but us the general public are getting wise to their shananigans!

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