Sunday, 25 September 2011

No that is against my Human Rights!

I can not believe this week how many times in the news I have heard the term Human Rights.  This term these days seems to be banded around for anything.  It is yet another example of political correctness gone barmy.  It is like a get out of free card on monopoly.  I first heard it as a man who had raped a woman was not deported because of his Human Rights!  What about the Human Rights of the victim?  Then there is the ongoing battle for Dale Farm in Essex.  Will the gypsies stay or go?  It will most likely go to a high court and then the term Human Rights will be banded around and they will end up staying.  I don't get it.

Yes, of course I understand people have human rights but it has gone too far.  Human Rights are there to protect people not to be used as an excuse for vile crimes. 

I watched the documentary about Dale Farm and my conclusion is that Gypsie ways don't really have a place in society anymore.  In essence they used to roam the country in a nomadic state, now they can't do it because no-one wants to be near them as they have a bad reputation for theiving, leaving mess behind where ever they go, and they get away with living outside of the law.  The documentary enlightened me that they do not go to the toilet in their caravans, because who wants to cook food near a toilet.  Instead they shit in bushes, nice!  The ones that were interviewed all used the tag lines, "That is gypsey ways, ", or, "That's travellers for you,".  I have decided that these are all great excuses and I am going to start using them.  I think my favourite will be, "No, that is against my Human Rights, sorry", I am going to start by not paying my utility bills with my new tag line.  I will let you know how I get on?

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  1. Ahhh. This topic sits with me right where the whole discussion around benefits and antisocial behaviour sits.