Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bake a cake Monday...whoops!

On Monday at work we had a team meeting, the team decided we would bake cakes.  I decided to bake a chocloate cake.  I have tried to do this before not with very much success.  They came out the oven gooey and then went hard!  I got the receipe off the BBC website for this ultimate chocolate cake.  My Daughter helped me bake it, as she loves cooking and baking.  She did a good job of doing all the mixing.

I went to get the cake out of the oven and the one on the top was a bit burnt, but not to bad.  My excuse is that I have a fairly new oven and I am not quite used to it.  When it had cooled down I added double cream and nutella, and for a finishing touch sprinkled a flake on top. 

When I came to slice the cake, I could not get the knife through it!  I some how managed to slice it up.  We all sat around the table and had a slice.  It did taste alright but very sickly sweet.  The receipe did have a lot of sugar in it.  My Husband finished his and looked at me whilst looking a bit pale.  He then proceeded to run to the bathroom to vomit!  Then my Daughter started crying saying she felt sick.  I felt a little nauseas but not too bad.  My Husband does tend to vomit easily.  He looked at me and said, "You can't take that into work tomorrow,",  I hesitently looked at him and said, "I know,".  So, that was my attempt at chocolate cake.  I think I need to get Lorraine Pascale around to give me a few pointers, if anyone has her number or knows her do let her know!

Instead, I baked a banana cake, an old faithful.  It went down a treat at work (well so they told me?).


  1. Just remember, though, that the cook who never had a disaster never tried anything new. I have a gorgeous recipe on my blog from Raymond Blanc and it is lovely and lemony. I think you would like it if you tried it!

  2. You know that it's national cupcake week, don't you? Calls for banana cupcakes :)

  3. OMG! I must be pshycic (is that how you spell it)...cup cakes ahoy!