Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mini heatwave

I am very excited that we are having a mini heatwave.  Last weekend I nearly put my Winter wardrobe away.  I am very glad I did n't as this week I can wear it again.  Today I am now going to have to do my Summer routine of painting my toe nails and shaving my legs.

I think we all feel a bit cheated in the UK with our Summers.  You blink and you miss it.  However, when the season changes it is fabulous on a Saturday to be in with a bar of chocolate, your joggy bottoms on and watching X factor.  Strictly Come Dancing starts this Saturday as well.  More great TV on a Saturday night.  You can tell you are getting old when you prefer staying in to going out.

At least we can drag out putting the heating on for another few weeks.  I think we are all very mindful of what are utility bills are costing us.  Everyone I have spoken to is trying not to use it.  I used to be terrible I hate being cold, so I would put the heating on.  Now I put a jumper on instead.  We are praying for a mild Winter, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy the last of the sunshine.  This also means I have hunted around the house to wash everything and get it dried outside whilst the Sun is out.

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