Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Operation bingo wings ahoy!

As I am getting older my arms have got really flabby.  I find some short sleeve tops are tight across the top of my arms.  When I wave my arms I have this wobbly bit doing it's own thing underneath.  I decided to start operation bingo wings.  I went to Tescos and bought some weights.  I could hardly lift them into the trolley (there are 3 in a pack).  I struggled getting them into the car.  I also bought myself a fitness ball. 

Tonight is the night I am blowing up the ball and getting my dumb bells out.  I used to got to the gym so I know what to do.  For the last few Fridays I have been cylcing into work (16 mile round trip) and then running at lunchtime.  Not ideal doing it all in one day, but with various other committments it is the best I can do.  On Saturdays I am really tired, I am hoping I get used to it more as the weeks go on.  I call it fitness Friday.  I am hoping the weather picks up so I can wear some of my Summer wardrobe which is lying redundant in my closet!

Any way must dash got a ball to blow up!

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  1. Wow well done you!!! You should join us on Fitness Tuesday. Look forward to reading your updates every week. Good luck!!!