Sunday, 19 June 2011

Brand new customers only!

I am a member of the AA and have been for 7 years.  This week they really annoyed me.  They sent through a statement to say they were going to take £178 off me for the year, 2 days before they were going to do it!  I nearly fell off my chair at work when I saw how much it was. 

I immediately went online and googled the RAC who were offering £69 without home start.  I rang the AA and said, "You are having a laugh if you think I am paying that,".  They then gave me some old blarney about on their website I can discounts for various concerts, tyres, etc.  I then said, "All I really want you to do is fix my car if it breaks down,".  I am not interested in some website with discounts, that A) I never knew about anyway, B) I would never use it, C) Never heard so much rubbish.  I then said, "I am walking unless you do something.".  The guy said straight away we'll do it for £70!

I am flabbergasted they do this, where is their customer loyalty?  I have come to the conclusion they are not interested in how long you have been a customer and more interested in bumping up their prices and hoping you won't notice so they get more money!  I am sure there are loads of people paying more than they should without knowing.  From now on I am going to check everything carefully.  I saved myself £107 for a few minutes on a phone call.

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  1. Glad you saved yourself some cash, you really do have to check everything these days, it is such a pain.

    ps - Can't wait to see you again!
    love you!