Sunday, 5 June 2011

Britains not got no talent!

Once again Britain has got talent has been proved wrong!  I can not believe the low grade standard of the programme.  I did not watch one single episode, my Husband told me he caught a bit of it with a girl on it singing Lady Ga Ga in the semi-finals and she could not sing!  Why do people watch this and give it the ratings?  May be I am totally missing the point of it, as I see no point in watching it. 

The only small snippets I have seen is a few barmy women dancing with their dogs on stage.  Why is that entertaining?  I hope that was the last one.  I am not sure if my opinion is in the minority,I would prefer to watch paint dry to be honest with you.  I did not see the who the winner was, some bloke from some where or other.  I hope he goes onto be more of a success than last year's winner who was some acrobatic dance group that I have never seen on anything either (No I did not watch that one either, I saw them on This Morning).  Okay so admitidely Susan Boyle and Paul Potts were launched from obscurity into mega stardom.  It did give them a platform that they never would have had if it was not for the show.  Pleas no more dull talentless talent shows!

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  1. LOL, I agree that some of the ones put through were not good, but I have to disagree too...I thought the winner was really fab this year. For once someone won on one of these shows that I actually wanted to win. Although I admit I didn't actually vote but I could see myself buying a cd with his singing on. I thought he was really good!

    Hope you guys are all well, I will have to ring soon for a catch up and see when you are down our way again next!

    Love you! xx