Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Good friends

I went out with a group of my girlfriends on Friday night and laughed all night.  I am incredibley fortunate to have come across a great group of friends who I have met through my Daughter's primary school.  I never thought I would find my own circle of friends in the playground.  Most of them are in walking distance to my house.  It is great we all are like minded and get on really well.  In my circle of friends there are about 6 of us.  I am truly blessed to have a great network of friends.  I do feel the school has a very special bunch of Mums and Dads.  I have heard of friends who have not been so fortunate and have found the playground not to be a pleasent experience.

We all pitch in together when we need help with the school run or if there is a dancing competition.  The help is there for all of us as and when we need it.  I feel fully supported and I am sure they do to.  The help is on tap for everyone.  We all muck in when we need to and know that it is recipricol and not part of an exchange of you did this for me so when is my turn.  I know I am very lucky to have this as I have found a new social life, that I was not expecting.

When my Daughter was a new born I never found a group of friends to go to playgroups with and I felt isolated.  I had what I call transient Mum friends.  We were friends for a short while and then the friendship waned.  I realised that I was friends with them because we had children, other than that we had nothing in common.  I was niave to think just because we had kids we would get along.

On Friday night we had a few glasses of fizz and got onto the topic of friends.  I likened it to the imprint on a misted window.  Some imprints last forever, others are there for a short while, and the rest go quickly.  I have come to the conclusion that some people you meet come into your life for a short while when you need them and then go.  Others are there for life.  One of my best friends lives in London I rarely see him but when we do we revert immediately back to the days when we used to live together at University and have an amazing time.  I think if you have lived part of your life with someone and they know you inside out it does not matter how long you go without seeing them, they simply get you.  Some leave a bigger mark than others.

We weave a rich tapestry in life and should not be angry at the ones who got away, they duly served their purpose. 

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