Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mary Portas shopping Queen - our High Streets need you!

I have a deep admiration for Mary Portas.  She is challenging the status quo of the High Street.  We are fed up of poor training and Management.  When we shop we want to feel appreciated that we are spending our money in that store.  Where did the pride go in our shops?  After all, most people love a bit of retail therapy.

My local High Street is definitely flagging in the current economic climate.  There are a lot of empty shops out there.  I live in a large Town not a big City and I have been told that all retailers brand shops by their post code.  Therefore, London will get all the best gear and everyone else gets the scraps. 

If I want to buy an outfit I drive 40 minutes to a bigger City to get the choice and the range I want.  The shops on the local High Street are not inspiring.  When I go elsewhere they have better ranges of clothes and more choice.  Therefore that puts where I live in further demise as it has been tarred with a stock of rubbish.  It is a vicious circle, it would be great to get out of it.  Everyone I know travels further a field to get their clothes.  Hence the Town Centre is a wash with cheap horrible shops.  Where I live it is very affluent the retailers are not doing anything to entice us to the High Street. 

The best shop used to be House of Fraser, since the fiasco with the Icelandic banks it is now a HOF outlet store.  When you walk in it is like a jumble sale and the toilets are a disgrace.  Last time I went in one of the taps was falling off the wall.  No wonder no one is going down to the High Street. 

Watching Mary Portas strut her stuff was a refreshing change, to see someone have the balls to stand up and put things right.  I would love her to come down to our High Street and give it the once over, she would have an absolute field day.  Mary if you read this, come and visit and bring the TV crew, it would make great viewing!  Your humble fan Tracey.

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