Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fit roofers!

On a dreary Monday morning I was cheered up to see 3 fit roofers, working on my neighbours roof.  Two of them did my roof, and what a lovely view.  It really cheered up my Monday morning.  These are 3 of the best looking guys I have seen in my town. 

When I got home they were still there, and they had their tops off.  Now usually I am not a fan of men parading around with their tops off, but this was different.  Tanned torsos, slim and toned.  I haved never had so much fun putting my washing out.  I suggested to my Boss that we should get them in at work to raise morale, all they would have to do is walk around the building a few times.

I must be turning into a sad old cougar!  They must be at least 10 years younger than me, but it did cheer me up!  Spread the joy!


  1. How lovely. I am sure they've ogled enough younger women in their time - chance to give something back!

  2. Nicely-built bodies can definitely be eye-candy for the ladies, but aside from their good looks, they also showed their skilled hands and expertise at work, proving that they can be dependable in any job. Well, that's another good reason to bring them to work to raise morale!

  3. I am all for raising morale, v important in my books. Thanks for the comment.