Sunday, 15 May 2011 it or hate it?

I watched the Eurovision song contest last night and absolutely loved it.   I wanted JEdward to win.  Blue did not do too badly, I thought they gave a good solid performance.  Lets face it with all the political horseplay going on we were never going to win.  All our European counterparts voting for their neighbours or a country they have had an altrication with.  You have got to laugh at the scrupels of the contest.  It is not about music, more for uniting Europe in a weird way.  I was surprised that all the songs I saw were sung in English.  For me it made it better to watch.

Next year I am going to have a Eurovision party where there will be lots of booze.  I have decided it is better to embrace the singing (political) contest and celebrate it's tackiness.  It is time we accepted it for what it is.  The winners of the night I am sure will be JEdward, they will get some sort of advertising deal out of it.  Anything, they do seems to turn to gold and I have to admit, I love'em, they are brilliantly entertaining, it does not matter that they can't sing!

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  1. I love it too. Some friends of ours host an annual party with food, drink, individual score cards and a white board to add up our votes in the room. Fantastic night.

    I have the Jedward song stuck on repeat in my head. They seem to be the very epitome of Eurovision - a silly, trashy pop song that is "sung" with maximum energy and with tongue firmly in cheek!