Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Breast feeding...shut up!

I am fed up with all these surveys about breast feeding making ridiculous claims.  Now they are saying if you have breast fed for more than 4 months your child is better behaved?  What a load of rubbish.  How on earth do they measure that one?  If you have a criminal conviction before you reach the age of 25 years old then your Mother obviously did n't breast feed you long enough! 

I wonder how they measured this, who did it, and whats more who paid for it.  They probably sampled a few families in the outer Hebredies.  Most of us 70's babies were bottle fed, I include myself in that category.  I don't understand where they get all these claims about breast feeding from.  They make it sound like it is a wonder drug and if you do it your Child will be best in the class and never be sick.

I know a lady with 4 Children she breast fed all of them except the youngest, due to complications.  The youngest is the one who is always ill.  My Health visitor rammed it down my throat that breast is best.  I gave up with my Daughter at 3 months as I could take it no longer and she made me feel really bad and told me a load of rubbish.  She said, "If you stop now, you will undo all the good work you have done,", what she said defies logic.  Mothers these days are bullied into breast feeding and made to feel inadequate if they don't do it.  They tell you at your most vulnerable when you can not fight back or even think in straight lines.  I could no longer do it as I had no energy and felt drained.  I wanted to enjoy the rest of my maternity leave so I stopped, much to the dismay of my aggressive Health visitor.

Any way, I am not buying into this breast is best malarchy as most of the time it defies logic and common sense.  At the end of the day you have to do what is right for you and your baby.  Until I see any evidence otherwise I am standing my ground.

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